Jeslyn Tham

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Jeslyn Tham's Story


Jeslyn Tham, 47 years old, Perak, Malaysia
"Mystical White is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive!"

My skin is considered as sensitive and dry. Due to the insufficient of moisture, it produces excess sebum and the pigmentation on the cheek area are very obvious as well. As my skin is very sensitive, I’m very particular on skin care products. Mystical White is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin like mine, thus I’m willing to give it a try. In just two weeks, it had soothed and calmed my skin. My skin had became brighter and the pigmentation had lighten too! What surprised me the most was the wrinkles on my face had also reduced. Mystical White provides sufficient nutrients that nourish my skin, at the same time increases collagen production. The changes on my skin makes me happy. I love Mystical White, it gives me a brand new me.


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