Tiong Kwong Kiing

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Previously, my skin complexion appeared dull and lacked of radiance even I had gone for facial treatments. In order to improve my skin condition, I decided to try Mystical White skin care products. After using it for only one month, I was told by my friends that my skin looks much younger. I have dry skin type and also large skin pores due to imbalance sebum secretion. It needs to be balanced to prevent skin becomes too dry or too oily. Mystical White helps to balance up my sebum secretion. I have been using it for 6 months since then. My skin is no longer dry as before and has smaller pore size. In addition, my skin pigmentations also become lighter.

Tiong Kwong Kiing, 40 years old, Sarawak, Malaysia
“Mystical White helps to balance up my sebum secretion!”