Jessie Lee

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Jessie Lee's Story


Jessie Lee, 36 years old, Selangor, Malaysia
"My dark spots, pimples scars and enlarged pores reduced by 80%!"

Since my teenager years, I have been dealing with various skin problems on my face such as oily skin type and pimple-prone face. After so many years, my pimple scars has yet to fade and is still there on my face. This has led me to open pores and rough complexion. I have tried many ways and methods to try solving this problem ranging from intensive peeling, laser treatment, facial, detox to herbs. But after all these treatments that somehow seem to control my pimple breakouts, my skin has become even more sensitive and even weaker than before. This of course leaves me not being satisfied and happy.

Then, Mystical White came to the rescue. I was impressed by this newly upgraded formulation of Mystical White. All my dark spots, pimple scars and enlarged pores were reduced to a near 80%, giving me that fair and radiant look. I just love touching on my soft, smooth and silky skin each time I wake up in the morning. Make-up is now easier for me as my skin surface is now smoother for my make-up to last longer. Not only that, my skin sensitivity has reduced to about 90% compared to my previous days before using Mystical White. What makes me so happy is the joy of seeing my skin looking so firm and young now! Thank You Mystical White! You gave me such an amazing results and I look forward for more beauty to come.


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