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Claudia's Story


Claudia Lim, 24 years old, Sarawak, Malaysia
"I can go out without wearing make up!"

Before started using Mystical White, my friends used to tell me that I look gloomy and less energy. I was helpless towards my dark eye circles and I often feel that I’m ugly. I has been reply on the make up foundation to cover up my flaws. In addition, I used to wake up early in the morning everyday and cook myself healthy drink (snow fungus, red dates and wolf berry) in hope to improve on my skin condition. However, nothing changed. After using Mystical White for only three weeks, I noticed that my skin condition has greatly improved. I no longer need to do a make up touch-up throughout the day. I can even go out without wearing make up! I no longer look gloomy, my pigmentations and blackheads have reduced as well. My skin become fairer and smoother. Thanks TROIS for coming into my life! Thanks Mystical White.


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