Sabrina Sia

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I’ve known TROIS for 6 years, I have always been suffering from acne problem which is intimidating me all these years. I have tried various type of skin care products previously but it never helped until I found TROIS. I have tried TROIS PoreCare series for 6 months and it has removed all my acne from my face. However it only last for a short moment. In addition to my skin being sensitive to dust and bacteria, my acne problem came back again. All these scars from the acne became serious as it as has been contaminate by bacteria and this last until TROIS came out with their new product Mystical White series. Due to my trust towards TROIS, I decided to give Mystical White a try. After half a month my acne started decreasing and to my surprise my scars started fading as well. My skin belongs to the dry type of skin and it’s hard to put on makeup. After using Mystical White, I found that it is easier to apply makeup and I don’t have to worry about my acne problem anymore!

Sabria Sia, 23 years old, Sarawak, Malaysia
"I have finally get rid of my acne problem"