Nicsmin Tan

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Big thanks to TROIS for creating this functional skincare product. It not only helps in my aging skin but also relieves my dull-looking skin and dry skin condition, especially my freckles problem, After 14 days of using Mystical White, I saw that my face appeared smoother and softer when touched. My acne disappeared and my oily T-zone area improved as well. And the most noticeable result that kept me smiling all day was the fading and disappearance of my age spots! I also shares to clients on how this amazing Mystical White with its active ingredients from natural plant extracts works its wonders to give us such a significant anti-aging result and fairer complexion by controlling our skin melanin production. Natural and Effective. Mystical White is such a Beauty In A Box!

Nicsmin Tan, , Perak, Malaysia
"Active ingredients from natural plants extract!"