Below is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :



1. What makes the MYSTICALWHITE ‘Beauty-In-A-Box’ (BIAB) the most sought after Skin Brightening/Lightening products?

 The MYSTICAL WHITE BIAB is the only skin-lightening product on the market today that implements a two-pronged approach to skin care:      
- First, it targets melanin production
- Second, it sloughs off dead cell buildup and speeds up cell rejuvenation

Both conditions contribute to darkening of the skin, uneven skin tone and color and only Mystical White BIAB addresses both in its skin care systems


 Mystical White BIAB’s sloughing action speeds up new cell production for fast results
 See smoother, silkier and  glowing skin in as little as 5 days
 No hydroquinone, mercury, dangerous or banned ingredients
 Our products are safe, so you can use with confidence

2. Besides Skin Lightening, what other results can I expect?

 DIMINISHES FINE LINES AND WRINKLES - Mystical White BIAB not only reduces  wrinkles, fine lines & creases on your neck but also on your face and forehead.

BLACKHEAD REMOVER - the only way to rid your blackheads was to endure those painful squeezing and suction torture sessions at salons, leaving permanent red inflammed bumps and scarring. With Mystical White BIAB, your blackhead will be cleared thus achieve a Clogged-free Radiant Baby-soft complexion with No Squeezing, No Pain, No Tears, No Swelling and No Scarring

SHRINKS PORES AND IMPROVE TEXTURE OF THE SKIN - Mystical White BIAB reaches down and carries away the thousands of tiny, almost invisible particles of hardening outer skin secretions that would otherwise clog your pores and ruin your complexion.

DIMINISHES THE APPEARANCE OF AGE-SPOTS - Mystical White BIAB helps improves the appearance of dark spots, discolorations, blotchiness and redness that otherwise can add 10-15 years to your appearance.

3. Where are MysticalWhite BIAB made?

 All Mystical White products are researched and developed in France and manufactured in Malaysia exclusively for Asia Pacific countries.

4. How do I use Mystical White BIAB?

 It is really easy even for the busiest of people. In summary, the simple 3 step routine :

1. Cleanse

2. Mystical White BIAB

3. Protect.

5. How long does it take to see results?

 Mystical White  BIAB is designed to work gently and safely on your skin. Some people see results in just few days. Others see it in few weeks. Most see dramatic improvement in the color, tone, and quality of their skin 1 month of continued use.

6. I used hydroquinone-based products in the past. Can I still use Mystical White BIAB?

 Please do! But before you begin using the Mystical White BIAB, and to ensure the results you want, safely, use Mystical White Cellular Defence Fluid— It’s easy to use, and will optimize your skin results. In some cases, it may take longer to achieve the effect you desire. In rare cases, where hydroquinone has caused significant skin damage, it may take a longer for the Mystical White BIAB to show result.

7. Will your products leave unnatural pale results?

 No. Mystical White BIAB will leave you with a healthy, even-toned complexion, and a glow you wouldn’t have thought possible.

8. Will I experience any side effects?

 Mystical White BIAB is exhaustively tested to the highest standards to ensure their safe and effective use. You can expect no side effects if you use our system according to the package directions.

9. Will I tan if I go into the sun after using Mystical White BIAB?

 Of course! The sun will always stimulate melanin production in your skin when you expose yourself to its harmful rays. So slather on Mystical White Stay-on UV Protek with SPF 30/PA+++ and keep out of the sun!

10. Can I use Mystical White BIAB under my arms (in the arm pit) to lighten color there? How will using products there affect the sweat glands and deodorant use?

 Sure, Lighter body and darker under arms are simply unattractive, Apply the Mystical White BIAB under your arm pit for a creamy flawless complexion everywhere.

11. Can I be a distributor?

 Please email for further discuss.